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Thursday, Sep 20, 2012

Today I presented Typography 101 for the weekly Thursday Eat 'n' Geek sessions we do at AllPlayers.com. Here's the slides from my presentation.

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Saturday, Sep 8, 2012

…you might enjoy this brief overview of some redesigned elements on the AllPlayers.com website.

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Wednesday, Aug 29, 2012

I wish I had the Mac Terminal skills that some of my coworkers have. You know, those brilliant guys who have lived code for years. But I don't. Not yet, anyway.

It seems like every time some little thing changes somewhere in my develop environment, my Terminal settings change and revert to black text on a white background. (and no, I don't know how some of you folks can work with the colors on a black background.)

So this post is more for myself, so I don't have to spend time tracking down my color settings every time I lose them.

Color my git output:
1) Launch Terminal
2) Run this command when in sandbox directory: git config --global color.ui true

Color other terminal output:
1) Launch Terminal
2) Click Terminal on the top left of the screen
3) Choose Preferences
4) Your current theme should be selected by default in the theme list
5) Click Advanced tab on the top right of the dialog
6) Under Emulation, choose “xterm-color” as the value for the “Declare terminal as” dropdown
7) Restart Terminal application, that should be it
(h/t http://ricochen.wordpress.com/2011/07/23/mac-os-x-lion-terminal-color-re... for that one)

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Wednesday, Jun 27, 2012

I've done jQuery training and tutorials, but have yet to use it in the wild. This blog post is just a sandbox as I mess around and try to develop jQuery skills.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

"To use design to impress, to polish things up, to make them chic, is no design at all. This is packaging. When we concentrate on the essential elements in design, when we omit all superfluous elements, we find forms become: quiet, comfortable, understandable and, most importantly, long lasting." Go read more and bask in the inspiration.

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Thursday, Apr 12, 2012

I had a scenario at work where we wanted to style a link to a certain page differently than other links. In this particular use case, we wanted the link that directed to one particular path to look like a button, while all other links appear as text links.

To do something like this, try using attribute selectors in your CSS. Rather than rehash a really good explanation, and to give myself a reference when I need to go search for this info again, here's the source where I learned the ins and outs of this nifty trick:

The Skinny on CSS Attribute Selectors at the always awesome CSS-Tricks.

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Saturday, Nov 26, 2011

This year's theme is white. And feathery.

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Tuesday, Nov 1, 2011

When creating my first responsive designs, I was dismayed to discover what happened to my text when I rotated my iPhone from portrait to landscape views. The body text grew huge, overtaking page titles, subheads, and any typographic hierarchy I had established for my page layouts.

This didn't happen on Android phones. The resizing of the body text was limited to Safari on iPhones.

Turns out this isn't an Apple bug; it's a feature. The CSS property -webkit-text-size-adjust specifies a size adjustment for displaying text content in Safari on iPhone.

To prevent my body copy from growing and overtaking other typographic elements on my page when viewed on an iPhone in landscape mode, I added the following to only the CSS that applied to my mobile viewports:

html {-webkit-text-size-adjust: none;}

Now, be careful here. Using that bit of CSS will also affect Safari on larger tablet or desktop views. You'll want to also include this CSS in your media queries for your viewport sizes that are larger than mobile phone views, so that users can resize their text in their desktop browsers if they want to:

html {-webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;}

Saturday, Oct 1, 2011

After wasting a bit of time trying to figure out how to enable Clean URLs with a Drupal installation on Bluehost, I found the answer here:

Drupal 7 - 'Clean URLs' problems with SimpleScripts

Worked like a charm.

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Saturday, Oct 1, 2011

On a non-work-related note, I just love how my recent fall plantings are thriving in my new garden.